Wetterhorn Peak

Wetterhorn Peak Trip Report (#20467)

  • Signed By: Erik Packard
  • Date submitted: October 31, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

Me and Lindsay Alvarez started up the Mary Alice Creek drainage instead of the usual Matterhorn Creek drainage. We encountered elk and climbed the unnamed 13ers, then Wetterhorn. Even though it was a weekend, by the time we got to Wetterhorn the mountain was just for us. It was my second ascent and quite enjoyable. With t-storms threatning we continued on to Broken Hill another 13er and summitted it at 6pm, then dashed down the Matterhorn Creek drainage and I ran up to get Lindsay's car. It was an awesome day, 4 peaks, and great company.

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