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  • Log #21474 - by Mike on Oct 15, 2008
    Not sure why this non-technical route isn't more popular; fall colors of deciduous foliage in first two miles were stunning, and nice view of Death Valley and Area 51. I took it in 7 hours...
  • Log #21184 - by mark bailey on Feb 09, 2008
    Started at 5 in the morning to miss the heat started from the southern side great walk up,wind was blowing hard as we crossed the Scree about 60 miles per hour on the top walked the north loop off.
  • Log #10992 - by Steve Evans on Aug 05, 2003
    North Loop Trail to the summit. Descent via South Loop Trail. 20 miles overall. Despite my extensive mountaineering experience, I underestimated this one! Kicked my butt.
  • Log #10993 - by rcorby2 on June 03, 2002
    Summit day was absolutely perfect - little to no wind, few clouds, and great views! Spent the nite prior on the North tracking ridge with a great view of the summit from 'high' camp.
  • Log #10994 - by Thomas Hawley on June 17, 2001
    Started as party of 12. Two dropped out and six raced ahead, so I was in a group of four. We started from the Trail Canyon trailhead (which merges with the North Loop Trail) off Echo Road at 6:20 AM....
  • Log #10995 - by desert rat on Aug 24, 2000
    used the Trail Canyon/North Loop option to get to the top...fantastic trail quality and grade...snow will easily linger into June, obscuring trail at the higher areas...the 10-12 hour RT time...
  • Log #10996 - by Tom Howard on Aug 06, 2000
    I finally reached the peak of Mt Charleston today. I had knee surgery in April and this was a special goal for me..I started at 4:00am..reached the peak at 12:30am.
  • Log #10997 - by pmiller on Aug 05, 2000
    No matter how inviting, do not attempt to shortcut the north trail by the huge snow gully that runs down from it. Be afraid, be very afraid of an unplanned bivy.
  • Log #10998 - by John Cline on Aug 20, 1999
    I was a scout master of a boy scout troop from Henderson NV and we took around 15 people on a overnight trip. We hiked up around 2 miles and camped then the next morning we hiked to the top of...