Elevation (feet): 9,862
Elevation (meters): 3,006
Continent: Europe
Country: Spain
Range/Region: Pyrenees
Latitude: 42.687646
Longitude: -0.027363
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Nearest major airport: Barcelona, Zaragoza (Spain), Lourdes, Toulouse (France)
Convenient Center: Torla (Spain), Gavarnie (France)

Thanks to Agnese for adding this peak.

Also called Casco de Marboré or Casco de Gavarnie, it is part of Monte Perdido massif and lies at the border between Spain and France.

A very scenic hike, either from the Spanish or French side, leads to its summit.

From Goriz refuge in Spain you walk in beautiful Ordesa valley between canyons and 3000-meter peaks, then scramble up to the summit.

On the way down, a fun and impressive traverse leads to Brèche de Roland (2804 m.), after walking on a very exposed ledge equipped with a chain. The Brèche itself is impressive and by crossing it you descend into France and Cirque de Gavarnie, then reaching Brèche de Roland refuge (2587 m., also called Sarradets) and descending to Col des Tentes (2208 m.) where there is a car parking.

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