Isla Coronado

Isla Coronado is a volcanic island located at the northern edge of the Bahía de Loreto National Park. Rising 1,886 feet from the ocean makes it a prominent feature that can easily be seen from the town of Loreto 7 miles south.

Arrive to Coronado by panga (motor boat) or by kayak. The marked trail begins from the beach located on the northern side of the peninsula that juts out from the islands southwest corner.

After following a boardwalk past interpretive park signs follow the well marked, flat, trial to the southern side of the island. From here the trial heads north up the pyroclastic rock on the southern face of the island. The trail can be trickier to follow through, but there a number of cairns marking the way. After passing some impressive views of the peninsula and the turquoise beach where you began, you will turn slightly east and begin a steep scramble up calcareous dirt to the summit.

Roughly 1.5 hours up and 1 hour down.

Elevation (feet): 1,886
Elevation (meters): 575
Continent: North America
Country: Mexico
Latitude: 26.129367
Longitude: -111.270847
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Oct, Nov, Dec
Volcanic status: Dormant
Nearest major airport: Loreto International Airport
Convenient Center: Loreto

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