Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1004)

CLIMBING THE SOUTH FACE. We arrived on friday night to the Fausto Gonzalez hut after a one hour forced walk, when the 4x4 pick up truck could not longer continue due to the ice on the road. Moon was perfect for hiking. We rested in the hut, aclimatized in the mornig and star climbing by mid-day. Weather was cloudy, snow was soft. After 4 hours the clouds covered the mountain and started a snow-frozen rain-hail storm. We continue for other hour or so, trusting on the rocks we could see briefly (marking the route) and the GPS (idicating only 200 m to the summit). The snow was deep and the slope increased to 45-60 degrees. Visibility was a couple of meters, wind was strong, the storm gain force. We wait for another half an hour, expecting the storm to calm down, but the storm gain power. We were forced to quit the summit at 200 mts from it, and wait for some other time (we are planning already for october). The way down was difficult, snow was deep, wind was strong and visibility was less than three meters. GPS was of great help. We made to the hut around 7:00 pm, just before dark. Next morning the mountain was clear and imponent. The crosses next to the hut and on the rocky way up, and the tragedy stories told by the local people of Texmalaquillas (the nearest village) are a reminder that this mountain SHOULD NOT be considered an easy climb.

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