Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1025)

I had to give it two tries to reach the top. On my first attempt I walked all the way up from Tlachichuca to Piedra Grande. I arrived at the hut with a terribly aching head and a revolting stomach: AMS (accute mountain sickness). A night of sleep did wonders and I decided to go up next day, which I did. However my legs felt like rubber and I didn't cover much more than 200m in altitude. It was clear that I had not completely recovered from AMS. I went back to Tlachichuca and the day after I hitched to Piedra Grande. Spent a night in the hut, climbed to the camping site the day after and tried out my crampons and ice axe and went back to the cabin to pass another night. Hail and snow fell out of the sky that day but fortunately it cleared up during the night. Next morning I left the cabin at 6 am, weather was perfect, no wind and an open sky, and I reached the summit at 10 am. The view was disappointing because of the severe pollution, the Malinche was visible but no Popo or Mexican Gulf, but the climb was nevertheless the headlight of my 5 months' journey in Mexico. Many thanks to Joaqu√Ćn Canchola for his hospitality and warm heartedness and who provided me the climbing equipment at a price much more favorable than Sr. Reyes'.

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