Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1026)

  • Signed By: John Ross
  • Date submitted: March 23, 2001

Nine of us from the SERAC Mountaineering Club out of Orem, Utah, U.S.A. went on the climb to Orizaba. Six of us were able to attempt and make the summit in the end. If you're interested you can read my longer trip report all about our climb at http://www.seracclub.org/Pages/Orizaba00.html as well as see some of the pictures at http://www.seracclub.org/Pictures/orizaba00/gallery.html. With some good conditioning and acclimatizing this is a pretty straight forward mountain to climb-certainly not a mountain for first timers though. Being the dry season, we had great weather. My first climb outside the US. An awesome adventure. We flew into Veracruz to avoid the congestion of Mexico City and found some nice beaches, markets, a huge mall, and nice places to stay. Met some climbers from Washington State that rented a car in Mexico City and hadn't driven one mile before they were pulled over and forced to pay the equivalent of about $100 dollars in "fines." Met some others that caught a connecting flight from Mexico City to the city of Puebla, then a bus straight to Tlachichuca (sounds like a good way to go!). We started our climb from Piedre Grande which went great for us. We took our time and took lots of photos of the sunrise (awesome pyramidal shadow!) and still summitted in 6 1/2 hours. We saw others who appeared to have rushed up and camped high (~15,300') and fought the altitude symptoms. The were making their third attempt on our summit day and we saw them turn around about half way up the steep section.

Favorite quote (something close to this): "Making it to the summit is optional, making it back down safely is not optional." - Ed Viesturs

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