Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1031)

  • Signed By: Sean Kinser
  • Date submitted: March 23, 2001

We left around 2:00am with brilliant illumination from a full moon. We were leaving the Piedre Grande Hut behind with sick climbers and Mexican Aqueduct workers inside and braying donkeys tied up outside. Our start was gung-ho but we ended up taking a break not 250 yards from the hut.We reached a point on the glacier at about 16,800ft in time for a spectacular sunrise which sent all three of us (Larry, Sean, and Sean) diving for our cameras. The rest of the climb was strenuous with a decieving switchback actually becoming very steep and almost direct in its route. The climb was made even more interesting by our decision not rope up due to extreme variances in ascent speed. Reached the summit around 09:30. All were on top at around 10:00 congratulating and taking photos of each other. My brother Larry decided to carry on in the best tradition of Mallory and stripped naked at the summit for a photo. His claim to fame will always be he was the highest naked man in North America on the 22 of March 2000. Advice: Use Senor Reyes. His service is the best and the money is worth the facilities, services, and hospitality provided. Take an extra day to acclimatize.Do not stay at altitude if your are sick!Go down now!!If at all possible, skip the sorid conditions at the Piedre Grande Hut and set a high camp.That's all I have folks. Enjoy the climb and enjoy Mountaineering. Thanks again to Senor Reyes for everything. Hello to Armando, Stephan, Jedd, Blake, and the guys from MIT. AIRBORNE ALL THE WAY!!

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