Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1040)

  • Signed By: Jim Mallory
  • Date submitted: March 23, 2001

A great intro to high altitude climbing. This was the next logical step after completing the Colorado fourteeners in September 1999. This was also my first trip outside of the United States, and was a great experience. We flew from Denver on Saturday, Feb. 20th, using buses to get to Tlachichuca. We arrived after 9 PM at the Reyes, where they had an excellent dinner waiting for us. The drove us up to Piedra Grande on Sunday, did acclimitization hikes on Sunday and Monday, and climbed the peak on Tuesday, Feb 22nd. Started at 1:55 AM, reached the crater at 8:10 (stayed there for 30 minutes), then reached the summit at 9:30. There was no wind and it was warm, so we spent an hour at the summit enjoying the excellent views. Arrived back at Piedra Grande at 2:10. An excellent, but very tiring and demanding climb. Went on to do Ixta. Overall, a great week's vacation in Mexico.

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