Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1041)

Great introductory peak for the aspiring alpinist. Its high altitude requires proper acclimatization. My partner and I summitted after establishing a high camp at about 16,000 ft. This made summit day a lot easier. It possible to do it from the huts, but it makes for a really long day. We thought we would be the only ones to summit that day but a crazy Aussie left the huts a 7:30 AM and almost caught us at the summit-even though we left our high camp at 4:30 AM.

Thanks to the guys from Oregon who summitted the next day and helped carry down some of the gear for other members of our party. Sr. Joaquin Limon runs a very comfortable guest house and transporation to the huts-and he's much more affordable than some of the other folks in Tlachachuca, from what I understand.

Again, great mountain-a good place to train for bigger, more remote peaks.

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