Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1043)

Great Peak. 5611m wow! Came from Ixta. Ride from Peubla cost 33 pesos to Tlachichuca. We stayed at senor Joaquin Conchola's place and I would highly recommend it. He's a great, happy guy who loves his work. He's been up Orzaba 27 times. He chraged us 40 pesos for a great meal cooked by his wife. It was 400 pesos for the ride up to Piedra Grande. what a crazy road. It your thinking of driving, don't. Your car won't survive. From the hut we left the hut at 5:45 am and summitted at 10:30am. It was a great climb. It's a very obvious trail up to the glacier, then at the most 40 degrees steep for the last 150m. We didn't see one crevasse when we were up there. And we also didn't have any problems we theft. There were workers there, but they kept to themselves. The crews probably rotate, so check them out before you leave your stuff there, but when we were there everybody was leaving there stuff out. Great peak. Now just gotta get Logan and Mckinely.

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