Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1070)

  • Signed By: Glenn Abele
  • Date submitted: March 23, 2001

Left Piedra Grande at 1:20 am and arrived at the summit exactly 9 hours later - 10:20 am. By the time the sun made it's way over the horizon we were engulfed in clouds

and the wind was a steady 30 mph or so. This continued throughout the day, even on the summit, so our visibility was never more than 50-100'. Spent 10 minutes on top,

nothing to see and it was fairly chilly (some would say f...ing cold), so we snapped a few pictures and down we went, 3.5 hours back to Piedra Grande, where our ride was

waiting. We were the only ones to climb or summit that day - understandable. The previous day and the day after were both bright and clear. Very happy to reach the summit,

as 2 years ago my partner and I reached the crater rim but were stopped short of the summit by intense winds, which made it difficult to stand, let alone walk. I'd like to return

and try it again, hopefully summiting with some sunshine and a view. This mountain is a big one and not to be taken lightly, in the blowing clouds it would have been easy to

get disoriented, and heading down in the wrong direction could be a bad thing, not to mention a longer walk. Having climbed Popo and Izta I would recommend any of these three

to anyone interested in a bump up in altitude, though Popo is now a No-no. Pop a few aspirin on a regular basis, drink more water than you really feel the need for, and force yourself

to stop and munch along the way up. I even swallow a bit of gatorade powder and wash it down from time to time - a mix in the mouth sort of thing - I thnk it helps the muscles. The

important thing is to have fun, don't push yourself to sickness or danger - the mountain isn't going anywhere and you can always return - it's a good excuse to go back to Mexico.

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