Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1074)

  • Signed By: Jose Manuel Gonzalez Diaz of Naucalpan, EdMX, Mexico
  • Date submitted: March 23, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

I've just summitted this beautiful mountain (the third highst in North America) via the South route, this is exactly in the opposite side of the normal -North- route use to climb Orizaba or "Citlaltepetl" in native nahuatl leanguage. This route is more panoramic that the normal North route, it is also easier, since it doesn't has glaciers neither the carvasses that are found in the Jamapa glacier, the climb begins at Fausto Gomar hut at an altitude of 4,500 mts (15,090') which represent a vertical gain of "only" 1,200 Mts. vs 1,500 Ms when done via the North face, Piedra Grande Hut is located at height of about 4,200 ms. (13,800').

However, reaching Fausto Gomar is a little bit more complicated than Piedra Grande, there's also transport availabble but the area "Texmalaquillas" is poorer and less promotionated than "Tlachichuca", where JOAQUIN CANCHOLA and Sr. REYES have their logings.

If you plan to visit this volcano again and want to try a new route or an easier way to climb it, don't doubt in to using the south route, just make sure that is snowed, otherwise you'll go two steps up and one down because of small rocks and ashes! I'll be very glad to assist you with directions, the way to the volcano is the same that for Jamapa, (Tlachichuca) by Puebla-Orizaba highway, you just keep going until CIUDAD SERDAN instead of detouring, from there on you move to "AZIZINTLA" at the end of the town (Through Cardenas Av.) you'll find a school and infront of it the family taht provides a lift to the shelter you can use a truck, horses or mules to carry your gear.

This route will become very popular in the future, since they're opening a new road to near by SIERRA NEGRA (14'400 Ft) where they're building and observatory, if you don't like shelters you can camp in nearby "Cueva del Muerto" area, but as I said, if further assistance is needed to climb the volcano (By any route) don't hesitate to contact me. Regards,

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