Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1102)

Climbed with two buddies from Colorado. Got the rental car to Piedras Grandes beating that poor beast to death. Took our alpine skis for a quick trip down from the summit. One buddy got sick half way up the snow field and turned back. Two of us made the summit in a friggin whiteout. Other buddy got sick at the top and spewed a piece of salami he had earlier eaten right out his nose as he dry heaved at the summit. At the summit, I got my skis on and in the new wet snow nearly tracked off the edge into the crater. Got a good adreneline dump from that. Skied half way down in a whiteout never able to see the crevases we had seen on the climb up. Made it back to the hut but the buddy who summited with me got hypothermia from the day's abuse. My other buddy, the one who turned back half way up and I wrapped him in all bags and tell him stories and mtn. anecdotes until he recovered. The next morning we could look up from Piedras Grandes and see our tracks which conveniently wove in and out of the crevasses which we never saw at the time. It was a good trip.

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