Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1115)

Two of the three of us summited. The glacier was in excellent shape for crampons. We'd been told it was very icy on the standard route and so we ended up just climbing straight up. A magnificent view. We stayed at the Reyes compound in Tlachichuca and it was as good as we'd heard. The only negative aspect of the whole trip was when we were leaving late on the 8th after summitting. In an effort to get on down the hill and to accomodate a couple of climbers from Seattle who were moving into the little hut as we were trying to move out, we hurriedly dragged our gear out of the hut. Several other climbers helped us move out. Unfortunately, we left a Moss two man tent in the little hut and never saw it again. Senor Reyes' driver checked for it but it was gone a few days later.

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