Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1118)

We arrived in Mexico City on Friday 2/23, and took a car to the Reyes compound. We were pleased with the hospitality and accommodations the Reyes' had to offer, and would highly recommend it. We spent Saturday and Sunday nights, 2/24 & 2/25, in our tent at Piedra Grande. This seemed to be much more peaceful than sleeping in the huts, as we were actually able to get a fair amount of sleep. We took an acclimitization hike to high camp at 15,600 on Sunday, where we dropped off some extra water. On Monday, 2/26, we headed up to high camp to spend the night and prepare for a Tuesday summit attempt. We were accompanied for the remainder of our climb by Roberto Flores Rodriguez, who we would say has to be the best guide on the mountain.

Fortunately we were both feeling great, with no sign of altitude sickness. We woke up at 2AM on Tuesday, 2/27 and prepared to head for the summit. With Roberto leading the way, we climbed upwards on a beautiful night. The most technically challenging parts of the climb came towards the first, with some fairly steep rocks and steep, hard ice to scale. Once we were on the glacier, the ice was in great shape and we were able to make consistent progress with little difficulty. We hit the summit around 9:30 AM.

This was my first high altitude mountain, and it was a great experience. The service we got from both the Reyes family and our guide, Roberto, was excellent. It was a trip we will definitely never forget.

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