Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#1141)

My climbing companions (Matt Deming, Ben Anderson, Tom and Dan Watrous) and I summited Pico on November 22, 2000 after waiting out a few bad days of weather. This was our second climb of Orizaba. We also climbed it in 1997. I love this peak. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed all the friends we met in the huts. We thank Sr. Reyes, again, for all he did to make the summit.

We have, members of our team, climbed in France, Switzerland, Canada, The Western United States, Bolivia and Mexico and we truly enjoyed Orizaba. We run a Guiding Company - SOUTHERN CROSS EXPEDITIONS - and are looking forward to returning again in a few years.

Thanks to all the climbers that we talked with and told stories with at the huts and the Reyes compound.

Most of all thanks to my friends Matt, Ben, Tom and Dan for sharing the worlds great peaks with me.

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