Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#889)

  • Signed By: Jerry P.
  • Date submitted: June 22, 2004

I haven't any glacier travel experience (with exception to an afternoon of glissading Pastoruri glacier outside of Huaraz,Peru). I'm equipped with necessary gear (ie;axe,crampons,etc..)and am primarily visiting the glacier (Jamapa) for high altitude camp and glacier-terrain experience. I've researched dozens of travellogues;P.D.O. ascent-related,as well as those providing info related to ascent service providers (ie; Sr. Reyes,etc...). If the weather circumstances are receptive for an ascent attempt ~ I just might give it a shot. However,this initial visit in Aug.2004 will be exclusively "fact-finding" in nature,with the intention of gaining a reasonable understanding of the area;terrain,climatological peculiarities of this very unique region,socio-cultural affectations of it's residents,and logistical issues fallen from conspicuous address on the internet. One particularly important area of concern for me relates to the safety of a "high camp" establishment. I've read many peakware posts regarding "high camp" (15,000ft),however very few pic's of said camp (!?!). I'd appreciate any assistance in learning more about this "high camp". Pic's are great, and terrain gradient info would be extremely helpfull as well. For "high camp" would it be advisable to carry a snow shovel?,Ice screws to anchor tent?,will my thermarest aid in retarding heat-loss?,will my zero-rated bag(-0 f)suffice?,should I really need to take wands?,rope? (I'll be solo). Most likely (in Aug.)I'll be the only person on the Volcano (at 15,000 - above Piedre Grande) ~ should I be concerned about bandits?, rockfall?,avalanche?,rabid dogs?,dogs sleeping with cats?,cats sleeping with rats?,mormons?... Any info one might send my way would be most appreciated!. Thanx... Jerry, Tempe,Az. jlp8282@hotmail.com

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