Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#890)

Even though I only made it to the campsite, which is more like a shack, instead of the top; I had a wonderful experience. I came with a few friends from Tropical World nursery, in Florida who have a Tropical plant nursery in Fourtin, Mexico as well. They travel to Mexico every year and take anyone who is willing to have fun and an adventure along with them. We met up with a man named Chris (I think), who took us up Mt. Orizaba (not sure which side). We saw a lot of very poor Mexican Indians living on the mountain, working and cutting pine trees. We saw several donkeys with two cut logs on each side of them heading down the mountain. When we reached the campsite, we took a break ate some lunch and headed down on bikes. This was the first time I ever Mt. biked. What a blast!! Once you got the hang of it, it was a fast adrenelin rush! Then we decended on another side of the mountain that we went up on and entered into another poor village. All the children we gathered along the road yelling "dulces!! dulces!!" (candy) I started to cry. My tears were frozen to my face, because I wanted to help each child. All they wanted was a peice of candy. Not money,PS2, or toys. How we take for granted every day all of the things we have. Even the ability and money to travel to Mexico to climb and bike Mt. Orizaba. How so lucky we are. I can honestly say I had a heart warming, eye opening, spiritual, moment that will stay in my memory forever. What an adventure/experience on Mt. Orizaba I had. I wish the same for anyone who travels or finds themselves there. *****If it's planned ahead that you will be there. I know it's hard to backpack with a lot to carry. But bring some cloths, jackets etc. with you. If you start out in the village you won't have to bring it all they way up with you. Just a thought. I wish someone had informed me ahead of time. I would have brought so much stuff to them.*********

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