Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#894)

Spent 3 days at piedra grande to finally summit on the last night..Perfect weather full moon...the mountain is to dry tough...climbed it solo in 5 hours 20 min. and got down in 1 hour 38 min from summit to the hut...my friend Guadelupe a local guide(and very professional), said it was a really good time. Thanks to him for lending me gear i didnt have. Dont Forget that it is a high mountain doable by mostly anybody..but still you need good experience on the mountain or hire a guide!! I,ve seen many TOURISTS on that mountain and i couldnt believe people telling me they got lost on the way down climbing it in 15 hours!! This is the kind of people that become part of the statistics because they read it was an easy mountain...anyways was a nice steep hill...NB: looking for serious partners on big walls expedition anywhere. cheers!

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