Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#895)

Orizaba is a great introduction to high altitude mountaineering. Joaquin Cancholla and his crew of folks in Tlachichuca provided us with great support. Talk to him about having someone watch your gear while you are not at the hut, especially on the weekends. We were lucky enough to have a perfect summit day...thoroughly enjoyable.

If you do not speak Spanish, you can still have a wonderful trip to Mexico, even taking buses. We found that the key at all airports and bus stations is to hire one of the baggage assistant guys - just show them your ticket or tell them the name of the town where you want to go or ask for a taxi and they will get you through the station quickly. And, always remember to ask for the first-class bus if one is available.

In Puebla we absolutely loved the Hotel Colonial and highly recommend it. The staff was great (some spoke English), the hotel has loads of great character and the location is excellent. You can save a few bucks by staying somewhere else in town, but it's worth it to spend a little more. (About $50 a night for two people or $60 a night for three.) Puebla is a great town where I would defintely like to spend some more time.

We checked out the pyramids in Cholula, just outside Puebla and in Teotechican (that may not be spelled right), just outside Mexico City. They were very different from each other and great to see. Hiking up them is a good test for any alpinist. :o)

My one regret is not climbing Nevado de Toluca. I think this would have been a great acclimatization hike and a really neat area to hike in. Driving into, and hiking up from the center of an extinct volcano (with a lake in the bottom!) would be a unique experience.

If you do go to Orizaba, enjoy the experience of being in Mexico...the people are wonderful and the food is great!

Jennifer Payne March 25, 2004

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