Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#920)

  • Signed By: Peter Müller, Gerrit Reiniger, Rainer Moeller of Zurich, ZH, Switzerland
  • Date submitted: June 23, 2003

Eventhough June isn't the best time to climb 'Pico de Orizaba' we've had were pretty lucky in terms of weather (neglecting a couple of rain drops ascending the albergue on saturday). We started out at about 3700m where our fully packed VW Golf couldn't proceed any further. In two hours we made it up to the albergue at 4700m. We spent all saturday afternoon cooking and eating because it stayed overcast. On Sunday morning we got up at 4am to find the summit still covered in clouds, but as we took off at 5.30am it cleared up and we've had good sight all the way up to the top. The first 90 min we climbed through frosted slippery rocks. At about 5200 we crossed the ridge to the west and put on our crampons, to follow the snow field leading up to the peak. The snow was in perfect condition and so we reached the top in 3,5 hrs. at 9 am. The view from up there was amazing! A layer of clouds covered most of the lowlands, but we saw 'La Malinche' norh of Puebla among other peaks to the north. It looked like an approach in an airplane. A great route, but I'd recommend ascending it in another season to have more stable weather conditions.

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