Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#925)

A really great introduction to the higher altitude climbs and my altitude record so far. Diamox worked for me but not for others. I think giving yourself time to naturally acclimatize is the best thing. The hut at basecamp is noisy but close by. If the weather is decent, it might be better to pitch your tent in the outer area. A guy with a truck in the town of Orizaba gave us a ride to the basecamp for a decent price. The glacier was really dinnerplating when we were there, and one of the locals said that he couldn't remember a season when so many people had been killed on the mountain. Don't assume that just because it's one of the smaller high altitude peaks that it's not dangerous. But it was a beautiful climb and a beautiful mountain. Hope to go back someday!

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