Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#933)

  • Signed By: Andres
  • Date submitted: March 10, 2003

Here's Luis' update on current conditions on Orizaba.

Here's how he found Orizaba:

Snowline at around 16,350 ft... very high, mountain is a little dry.

No ice at all. Penitentes from 5 to 15 inches high.

Mixed section below the glacier is all dirt and rock. Easy to scramble through.

Very windy from the west. Wind settles as soon as sunrise.

Avrg. temp. 0 degrees celsius. Not cold at all (without wind chill)

No clouds. Very little convection clouds in the afternnod but dispersed by wind.

The hut is clean.

10 more people from other groups were on the mountain with him.

Around 50% succes among the whole people on the mountain.

Luis summited with one of two clients.

Hope this helps.

I have to develop the film and scann it to get the pictures... maybe tomorrow or wednesday.


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