Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#968)

Hitched hitch hiked from Mexico city to pacific, south to Nicaragua, east to the Atlantic, to the Yutacan, and saw this Mountain on my way back to Mexico City, which looked like it might be fun to Climb. had no gear for climbing, other than my boots, on the way to Coscomatepec I bought a sheet of plastic for protection from the wind and rain.

In Coscomotepec, did some enquiries, and meet a guy by the Name of Manolo, a local who runs cabins on the mountain who gave me some info. (his tel number is 01(273)73-70215).

Was alone after Potrero Nuevo, went on to spend a night at "La Cabana de Manolo".

Then up to Piedra Grande,~4320m where I went up the ridge. The plastic sheet I bought previously provided protection from the rain/storm that night.

The following day I was unfortunetly running out of water. only went to ~4570m where I found a drip water supply. Managed to collect 2 liters in 16 hours.

Following day hit the glacial snow line at ~5100m, followed it on where things where getting a bit wet/cold for the gear I had which was intended for +30 degrees. At 5333m I I decided to call it turn back as I could find no dry path onwards. Returned to Piedra Grande, but stoped over to collet a water bottle non the way down.

Another night at Piedra Grande.

Contoured around the mountain above 4000m to Just bellow some Hut where I got stuck in a ice storm while I was climbing a ridge. bivi downed with the plastic sheet, while I watched the valley turn white. Finnaly decided to make a break over the ridge. Tried to tuck the sheet in as best I could but it got blown away going over the near the of the ridge

Once over the ridge the weather improved and had a beatiful walk down through pine platations into a farming aera and into a town, where I hitched hicked a lift into Tlachichca.

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