Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#995)

I live at zero on the coast of southern Georgia in the USA. Flew to Mexico City for this solo trip. Spent first night in Puebla at the Hotel Colonial. Great old hotel. Spent next night at IMSS La Malintzen at 10,115'. Met my guides Pedro Martinez & Luis Reyes. On monday morning (10/29/01) we climbed La Malinche (14,640'). A fun climb and a good workout. Traveled to Tlachichuca and Reyes compound. Great place and a very warm and secure atmosphere. Francisco & Geraldo make you feel like it's your home. Rode to Piedre Grande on tuesday and spent tuesday & wednesday at the hut (approx. 14,000'). On thursday, after a 1 am wakeup and a 2am start, summited Orazaba with Roberto (Reyes guide) and Steve from Boston area. On the other rope was Brian Steber,former Notre dame FB player and Miriam, Roberto's partner. All my guides contracted thru the Reyes family who I highly recommend. Not an easy climb but very rewarding to walk onto summit at 1030am. Got caught in a white-out on the way down about 17,200 but since this was Roberto's 115th summit of Orazaba we didn't experience any major problems other than it added about an hour to the descent. God blessed us with great conditions for the climb. Not much air at these altitudes so be well conditioned. I thought Mt. Rainier was a relentless climb. Orazaba is relentless. If you want to take the guesswork out of climbing the volcanoes and are not an experienced climber, contact the Reyes family. They are an outstanding source for a place to stay and seasoned guides. Good luck and safe climbing.

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