Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#997)

  • Signed By: Ben Folsom
  • Date submitted: November 06, 2001

In April 1997 we drove from Salt Lake City to El Paso and the crossed over the border to Juarez. From there a 20+ hour bus ride to Mexico City, then another bus to Puebla and another to Tlachichuca. Then hired a truck to take us up to Piedra Grande huts. After a day of acclimatization I climbed the peak solo in seven hours up and two back down. Then after about six hours of sleep climbed it again with my friends. Got pretty tired the second time. In April of 1999, a group of friends and I flew to Mexico City from Salt Lake City and rode the buses and trucks once again to Piedra Grande. The next day we hiked our Telemark Equipment up to 16,000 feet at the base of the glacier and went back down to the hut. Early the next morning we went up to 16,000 and got our skis and continued on to the summit. Two of my friends summited, and on their way down told us a major storm was coming from the other side of the mountain. The weather started to get bad, and so just a few hundred feet below the crater rim, the rest of us decided to turn around and ski down. The skiing on the first 1/3 of the glacier sucked due to two foot penitentes and extremely icy conditions. The bottom two thirds was fun pinning In heavy corn. After coming down we travelled to a beach north of Acapulco and stayed there for four days partying our asses off.

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