Pico de Orizaba

Pico de Orizaba Trip Report (#999)

  • Signed By: Armin Resch
  • Date submitted: August 31, 2001

When I climbed Citlaltepetl in '98, I started from Piedras Grande, accompanied by a Reyes guide. Despite two prior nights in Tlachichuxa I got quite exhausted beyond 16,000 ft. THUS, I'll climb it again, and will allow myself more time to acclimatize. I will leave from Dallas, TX on Friday evening - Dec. 21, 2001, and plan to be back on Saturday Dec. 29. I'll start the walk from Coscomatepec, after 3-4 days we should have reached the point where El Filo de Chichimeco meets the Jamapa Glacier. Some gear stays at the glacier tongue, so summiting will be achieved with lighter gear. Anybody willing to accompany me on this walk from the tropics to the arctic should contact me (Armin.Resch@ps.net).

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