kunyang chhish

The 7400m Khunyang Chhish East is a sub peak in Kunyang Chhish massif, Hispar Muztagh, Karakoram. With the main summit being 7852m, it is the 21st highest independent peak in the World, and was first ascended by a Polish team led by Andrzej Zawada in 1971. However, despite several attempts, the East peak remained unclimbed until now. The best attempt so far has been made by the American duo Steve House and Vince Anderson in 2006..

 Best time to start Expedition .   20th June for Hisper from Nagar proper.   till 5th of August turn back, their efforts seized by a steep rock step

Elevation (feet): 24,311
Elevation (meters): 7,410
Continent: Asia
Country: Pakistan/Pakistan
Range/Region: Karakoram
Latitude: 36.205
Longitude: 75.2065
Difficulty: Major Mountain Expedition
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug
Volcanic status: Dormant
Year first climbed: 1971
First successful climber(s): Andrzej Zawada
Nearest major airport: islamabad
Convenient Center: Gilgit

Thanks to Rasheed for adding this peak.

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