Fuego Trip Report (#11277)

This is one of the hardest volcanos in Guatemala.

There are two main routes to the summit, one via Acatenango

Volcano and it's known as "the double" (La Doble), and

the other (the hardest) is via San Juan Alotenango, a small

town at the south of Antigua.

Via Alotenango, it takes like 8 hours (or less if you

are in good shape) of hard walk up, Via Acatenango, well

you'll have to climb first Acatenango and then go via "la Horqueta"

(the point in wich the two volcanos joint)

go to the "Camellon" (the flat shaped of the summit ridge). It usually

takes two days.

If you are looking for the best views of Agua volcano,

then go to Fuego, from there you'll see a prefect conic shaped volcano.

Only be careful and take some reports before your

climb, because it is an active volcano, and began activity

in may '99. Now its quiet...

The forest of the bottom is really beatiful, if you walk

early in the morning you'll probably see some "pizotes"

and other wild animals.

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