Elevation (feet): 13,425
Elevation (meters): 4,092
Continent: North America
Country: Mexico/Guatemala
Range/Region: Sierra Madre del Sur
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jan, Feb, Oct, Nov, Dec
Nearest major airport: La Aurora, Guatemala City
Convenient Center: Tacana, San Marcos

Thanks to Jonathan Boarini for adding this peak.

Considered the hardest climb in Guatemala, Tacana volcano can take over ten hours to summit. The volcano itself is a massive cone, dominating the San Marcos horizon. The Mexico-Guatemala border crosses the summit, leaving it between the two countries. Ascent starts at the village of La Haciendita, where horses and guides can be secured. Then, its at least 8 hours to the crater summit. The view from the top includes Tajumulco volcano, the Pacific Ocean, and the Mexican and Guatemalan mountain range.

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Trip Reports

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  • Log #11283 - by Carlos E. Ray on Mar 08, 2003
    I summitted Tacana in 1981 with several friends from Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Back then it was not frequented at all, so there were no guides and the climb was difficult and long. I have climbed...
  • Log #11284 - by Alex Esquivel on Dec 22, 2001
    I was at the top a few hours ago with some friends. We went from Tapachula to Union Juarez, and started walking from there. The views are beautiful and the way is long. The people that lives in...
  • Log #11285 - by Eduardo Rubio Herrera on Oct 27, 2001
    It's the most distant volcano from Guatemala City. It takes many hours to reach the village Sibinal, in San Marcos. The trail to the summit it's a little long, but not so steep. I like a...
  • Log #11286 - by Uwe Kraus on Feb 12, 2001
    I arrived in Sibinal late in the evening and noticed that there is neither a hotel nor a hospedaje. Fortunately an officer of the local government gave me a room where I could stay the night. But...
  • Log #11287 - by Luis on May 06, 2000
    The hike is long!!!! almost 8 hours in my case (lunch and nap break included), some parts are very stip, there are several false summits, the people living along the way, that sell cokes are a...
  • Log #11288 - by Jose Mauel Gonzalez Diaz on Feb 20, 2000
    I summitted this volcano on Dec.1997 with Francisco Romero, former President of the CEMAC (Club de Exploraciones de Mexico AC) and with this ascent completed the 20 Mexicans summitts above 4,000...