Galleon Peak

Galleon Peak Trip Report (#11289)

  • Signed By: Stefan Feller of Auburn, WA United States
  • Date submitted: September 03, 1999

Getting there: Drive the Middle Fork road to the Dingford Crk. trail #1005. The Trail: Cross the road and ascend up Dingford Crk. to about the 2,400' level (to a major stream crossing coming down from Pumpkinseed Lk.) leave the trail and follow the stream staying on the right hand side until you are on the slopes above the lake (which is frozen over). Continue heading NNE traversing up easy snow slopes to the saddle just south of point 5,283' (Galleon Pk.). Follow the south ridge northward, bypassing some minor rock outcroppings up to the summit which is still snow covered but not corniced. After enjoying some incredible views in this spectacular area of the Alpine Lks. area I descended back down to the notch just below the summit and then glissaded and/or plunge stepped northwesterly to the low-divide between Rock Lake and Hi-Low Lake at ~4,080'. The aim now is to climb the unnamed high point due west of Rock Lake dubbed ìFloating Rockî at ~5,120+'. From the low-divide follow the southeast spur northwesterly and eventually due north until you come to a minor saddle below the summit and some cliffs. At this point you want to make a relatively level traverse on the east side of the south ridge until you've by-passed the cliffs. You then need to gain the gentle east spur which leads you westerly to the summit. The views are endless in all directions particularly nice are the views of Big Snow to the east and Treen to the northwest. I then backtracked my route to where I began the climb and followed the ridge north of Green Ridge Lk. to a low saddle (~4,480'). I then glissaded down a nice gully to the lake where I picked up some tracks and some pink flagging which led me to the ridge west of the stream emanating from Green Ridge Lk. Once on the ridge proper in the forest there is a great trail that follows the ridge SSW back to the Middle Fork road about a mile before the Dingford Creek trailhead. The whole trip took about 6.5 hours with 5,000' of gain and ~8-9 miles in length. June 1999.

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