Aiguille Verte

Elevation (feet): 13,524
Elevation (meters): 4,122
Continent: Europe
Country: France
Range/Region: Savoy Alps
Latitude: 45.9833
Longitude: 6.43333
Difficulty: Basic Snow/Ice Climb
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1865
First successful climber(s): Edward Whymper, Christian Almer, Franz Biener
Nearest major airport: Chamonix, France
Convenient Center: Chamonix, France

Aiguille Verte, meaning Green Needle, is a an elegant, slender peak contrasting magnificently with its neighboring peaks, the bulky ice mass of Mont Blanc and the rock bastion of the Grandes Jorasses.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20 - by William Maclean on Nov 05, 2003
    Very difficult climb at times, but well worth it. Great ridges. Very satisfying.
  • Log #21 - by Lawrence on Sep 05, 2003
    A beautiful climb on a beautiful day. Very popular and very crowded.
  • Log #22 - by Steve Dewey on Aug 25, 2002
    Set off from warm (but smelly) bivi in Grand Montets toilets at 1am and summited at about 9am via the Couturier Couloir. The couloir is massive - it goes on for ever! After an amazing climb the...
  • Log #23 - by Michael Mewes on Dec 07, 2000
    Wonderful peak, even impressive to climb, not only to watch. June 94 via the Whymper coulouir somehwat monotone but quick. Sep 2000 via the Arete du Jardin, quite difficult but marvellous. In the...
  • Log #24 - by Tom Chamberlain on June 25, 2000
    Ascended by the South Spur of the Grandes Rocheuses, using a right-hand start to totally avoid things falling from the Whymper Couloir. The spur was lovely, solid and not too hard (III). The ridge to...
  • Log #25 - by Neil Stewart on Feb 27, 2000
    Via Couturier couloir with Tom Marshall. Descended via Whymper couloir, downclimbing at first, then abbing as my calves were wrecked. Absolutely superb route on an amazing mountain.
  • Log #26 - by Adrian Baugh on Aug 04, 1999
    First 4000m peak. Soloed via the Whymper Couloir, along with Stephen Broadbent. Thick layer of brittle, icy snow over a deeper layer of more solid stuff. Fantastic weather.
  • Log #27 - by Geert Vanden Broeck on Oct 29, 1998
    The Whymper Couloir (normal route to this summit, AD) was just in the right condition to climb. Did not make it to the top because of the sun shining on the snow couloir from 8.00 AM. Will try to...