Mettelhorn Trip Report (#11399)

  • Signed By: R.DULIEU
  • Date submitted: November 29, 1999

Four of us spent the night in that crack to watch the eclipse, an eventful night to say the least. The fun started when a storm started and our hair started sparking. Then a blizzard kept us occupied as 4 people tried to fit into a crack 10ft long by 1.5 long. Made up this to keep us going:

(you know the tune)

"OK, so you sleep in cracks in rock,

That don't impress me much,

Its so damn cold we've lost our sense of touch,

Don't get us wrong, we should be alright

as long as we keep warm in the middle of the night"

You kind of had to be there.

Lousy view of the eclipse but an experience.

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