Mettelhorn Trip Report (#20449)

  • Signed By: John Irby
  • Date submitted: October 23, 2006
  • Number of People Encountered:0-10 people
  • Recommend to a Friend: Highly

I understood this was the most difficult climb you could do in Zermatt without a guide. On the way up, I passed two Americans who had been up the Grand Teton in 1982, as I had. Later, I was short on water. I passed a Swiss climber who said the small stream was maybe contaminated because of the goats and other domestic animals. He gave me half his water. At one point, I saw the summit, a pyramid looking affair with hikers the size of small ants going up and down. On the summit, there were two young women, Swiss or German, and an older American guy. Coming back down, I stopped at this open air restaurant and waited for about fifteen minutes without seeing anyone who worked there. At this time, (1983), I had come across enough of the locals to believe it possible that I was being ignored because I was an American. They can spot us over a mile away.

Two or three days earlier, I had hiked up the Oberrothorn, a pleasant little hike where the trailhead is reached by gondola, but it is one of those mountains where you run out of mountain much too soon.

I actually went to Zermatt to go up the Matterhorn, but the guide service required you take tea with grape sugar instead of water, they wanted $250., plus you buy the guides' dinner when you come down, etc. I couldn't find any grape sugar. I wouldn't go there just to go up the Mettelhorn and Oberrothorn, but since I was there, it was worth it. The people -

some of them are nice, some are not so nice. The food service types were the worst. You would probably do better to be a millionaire and stay at one of the ritzy hotels.

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