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Hotakadake is the general name given to a group of

five distinct peaks that rise nearly 1700 m above

the valley floor at Kamikochi. The centerpiece

Okuhotakadake rises to 3190 m making it Japan's

third tallest mountain. Okuhotakadake is surrounded

by four additional peaks. Nishihotakadake to the

southwest is the shortest at 2909 m, Maehotakadake

to the southeast is next at 3090 m followed by

Karasawadake (3110 m) and Kitahotakadake (3106 m)

to the north. Routes to Okuhotakadake require some

scrambling at the higher elevations along exposed

ridges that drop off steeply several hundreds of

meters in places. Because of easy access, Hotakadake

receives significant traffic annually. The

combination of heavy traffic and potentially

hazardous routes, especially in inclement weather,

has resulted in a number of fatalities over the

years, making Hotakadake one of the deadliest

mountains in all of Japan. However, with proper

attention paid to the trail, problems are easily

avoided and the climber is rewarded with a

magnificent 360 degree panorama from the summit

plus the satisfaction of summiting one of Japan's

greatest mountains.

(see also the entry for Oku Hotakadake on Peakware)

Elevation (feet): 10,466
Elevation (meters): 3,190
Continent: Asia
Country: Japan
Range/Region: Honshu
Latitude: 36.2961
Longitude: 137.645
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Aug, Sep
Nearest major airport: Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka
Convenient Center: Matsumoto

Thanks to Roy W. Goudy for adding this peak.

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  • Log #21446 - by dominick lacson on Sep 24, 2008
    Long hike, excellent lodges along the way. the assault from karasawa to hotakadake sanso was boulder scrambling. Permanent snow around karasawa. the final assault thru use of the ladder and chains...
  • Log #11430 - by Roy W. Goudy on Sep 10, 1999
    The easiest and probably the most popular route is through the Karasawa amphitheater. The views from the Karasawa Hut all the way to the Hotaka Lodge are fabulous. Queues to the Okuhotakadake summit...