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  • Log #21209 - by Adriano Petrachi on Mar 06, 2008
    West ridge. Awesome mountain.
  • Log #20721 - by Harald B on Mar 31, 2007
    By touring ski up to the face. Take the telemark or randonee ones!
  • Log #18808 - by Diaconu Renato Cristian on Feb 14, 2006
    I started from Campo Imperatore, good weather conditions, solo, by the "direttissima" rout. Easy-medium snow climb, no ice at that time, but for sure in different conditions. Ice screws...
  • Log #1338 - by Luka Jacov on Nov 01, 2004
    Three of us started to climb from campo imperatore to Rifugio Garibaldi cca. 1,5 hours, prevouisly we were in Assergi where the visitors center is. Here we bought maps and food suplies. Assergi is...
  • Log #1351 - by Luigi Ariemma on Nov 01, 2004
    Errata Corrige to my summit log submitted on the 21st of August 1999; the very beginning of it must be read as follows: "The western peak of the Corno Grande...... Sorry 4 that.... Luigi
  • Log #1352 - by Luigi Ariemma on Nov 01, 2004
    The central peak of the "Corno Grande" is easy and fun to climb via the south face. You actually put your hands on the rocks after a hike from Campo Imperatore (2100mt), at the "Sassone"( the big...
  • Log #1339 - by claudio cremona on Aug 02, 2004
    In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the K2 first ascent (July 31st 1954), friends of mine decided to climb the Gran Sasso, the highest peak near Rome (2913 meters). The party met on...
  • Log #1340 - by TR Wordinghy on Nov 09, 2003
    Nice climb with some snow. A thick patch of fog wouldn't allow any sort of view.
  • Log #1341 - by guido freddi on June 16, 2003
    The "DIETRO QUESTE MURA" Route to the summit: (2000m/6600ft, EE/F, 2 days, Guido e Pietro Freddi 14/15 of June, 2003). A very long route from the North side of the range to reach the...
  • Log #1342 - by Florena Angelucci on Jan 30, 2003
    A wonderful climb. Only two spots were a bit tricky. Once at the Iron Cross (the summit) we were way above the clouds. I think I saw cloud nine.
  • Log #1343 - by Olaf Rutgers on Aug 31, 2001
    Climbed this mountain with a friend (Klaas den Besten from Vianen, the netherlands). A little bit cloudy but the summit was clear! A very beautifull mountain and I hope to climb many more mountains...
  • Log #1344 - by Chandra-Luciano Malorni on Aug 05, 2001
    If the weather is good and the air is fresh and clean you can see two different seas from the top of this mountain, the Mar Tirreno and the Mare Adriatico. On this summit you feel like on the top of...
  • Log #1345 - by Valerio Bozza on Mar 29, 2001
    Climbed this fascinating mountain in a late winter day. The wind was very strong (70km/h) and high cloouds screened the sunlight. We started from Campo Imperatore. Hundredes of mountaineers crowded...
  • Log #1346 - by Boris Blackband on Mar 18, 2001
    Great day out, me and the groovy gang dropped off the minibus at the Campo imperato bar where The ausome Nazi Paratroopers rescued Mussolini from in the war ( some of my Englands finest squaddies...
  • Log #1347 - by Vittorio Graziani on Mar 17, 2001
    Gran Sasso D'Italia is SO BEAUTIFUL! If anyone LOVES to climb, this is the place. I am Abruzzesso. My dad was born in Assergi, which is at the "Bottom of the feet of the Gran Sasso" I am...
  • Log #1348 - by Luca Salvatore on Sep 14, 2000
    This mountain is wonderful but the page on peakware it's bad. I can add a peak exatly and with beautiful photos.
  • Log #1350 - by Christina Devorshak on Aug 22, 1999
    Amazing climb up the Via "directimente", and then hike down the "Via Normale". Great view of the Adriatic sea from the summit.
  • Log #1353 - by foinaven on Apr 06, 1999
    I climber this mountain with a very dear friend -Luana Palladino (a Roman). A wonderful mountain and a beautiful woman. Watch the sun - it is dangerous !