Mount Heyburn

Mount Heyburn Trip Report (#11540)

  • Signed By: Jon Donahue
  • Date submitted: August 13, 2001
  • Date(s) climbed: 8-12-01

My friend, Mike Moffit, called me up and told me that are buddy, Mike Casey, was back in town and wanted to hit some climbs. So Moffit was thinking hey why not Heyburn? So in 2hrs of planning we geared up and drove to Red Fish Lake Lodge. When we got there, we shot a couple of beers and chatted we some friends. About 7pm we were on the trails and hiked until it was too dark, then we made camp. Then pushed on the next day, we reached the last lake before Heyburn, filled the water supply and went on to the back side and free climbed to the chimney. We roped up and hit it. When you hit the top there's nothing like it. Literally on top of world. We all signed the log at the top, Moffit signing it for the second time. Leaning back for awhile with a smoke, we take in one of the most gorlious sights I have ever seen!

If your reading this and you live a drive away get some buddies together and get ready for something that only a handful of people have seen.

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