Chachani Trip Report (#11552)

  • Signed By: Divine Lady
  • Date submitted: August 14, 2003

Quick comments of wisdom? Avoid climbing Chachani in two days, the night spent at 17,000 feet may just do you in. Avoid using Zarate Expedicions, my experience with this group was below substantard -- although they received a fabulous review from the Lonely Planet Guide Book. Who knows in what year this review was written.

Altitude...yes, well, climbers know of this problem. After spending 5 weeks in 11,000 plus areas in Peru, I felt I would not suffer too badly. One must consider spending a whole night at 17,000 feet with a chill of -10 (c) prior to summiting, however. I think this combination did me in. The following day, I summited in 6 hours or so, not due to the assistance or encouragement of my guide.

Had my thinking powers been clear, I likely would have stopped prior to summiting. Yet, as I now refer to altitude sickness as "The bombshell" few active areas of my brain were working in cohesion. Summiting Chachani under such influences was merely half the battle, there was a five hour descent waiting for me in which several straight hours reside around 1,750 feet. Therefore, much traversing in crampons, and no immediate relief from altitude.

When I return to the states, I will post my travel journals at Here, I will provide the complete cold and warm hearted experience of summiting Chachani.

Divine Lady

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