Chachani Trip Report (#11556)

Chachani is with no doubt, the easiest 6000 in the world, because the short trip from Arequipa and the very easy climb. There's no glacier, and even the snow can desappear if you go in november. But it's a very beautiful mountain, highly recommended. It was climbed in one day and a half from Arequipa with the help of Naturaleza Activa agency (Sta Catalina 211, Arequipa) and the very profesional guide (and nice person) José Arias. I was not perfectly good acclimatised (just Macchu Picchu-Inca trail before), I spent a horrible and cold night and I had to make a great effort. Finally, the summit was reached in 6 hours from La Azufrera Camp (5100m). One of my best experiences, it was fantastic, incredible. I want to repeat....

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