Chachani Trip Report (#11560)

  • Signed By: Barry Brown
  • Date submitted: December 14, 2001
  • Number of People Encountered:

We arrived in Peru on November 11 and went straight to Cuzco to start getting acclimatized. Our plan went well up to this point. We hiked the Inca Trail, then we left to spend a night in Puno. We arrived in Arequipa around the 18th. Our guide Ivan we meet and our hotel and we knew he was the one we wanted. I would recommend him to anyone considering this. Our cost ended up being $60.00 per person. We left for basecamp in the morning on Nov 21. in a 4X4. Basecamp is at about 5280M. The 4X4 made it to somewhere around 4800M. I felt excellent on the hike in. This all changed when I tried to go to sleep. My partner left for a lower elevation with another guide. The altitude was too much for him. I shared a tent with another German guy in our group. As my partner needed to take our tent with him.I didn't sleep at all. Soroche (altitude sickness) was starting to affect me. Wakeup was at 2.30AM which was fine with me because I didn't sleep a wink. We were on the trail by 3.00AM. Which was up for a while and then down and back up. Not the ideal way I like to go, but this is the trail. I was unable to eat and if I tried to drink I would throw up the water. I struggled on with the encouragement of our guide and 2 other guys in our group. We reached the summit at around 10.00AM. I think. The conditions were great. There was very little snow all we needed was an Ice axe and proper clothing. The hike back was long, but somehow we made it back to camp. Me and the German guy immediately passed out in the tent. We were supposed to pack up, but we needed a short rest. We then hiked back to the 4X4 which was waiting for us and we left. We also picked up friend who was waiting by the 4X4. We were back in Arequipa that night.

My recommendation to anyone who wants to try this is spend more time getting acclimatized possibly in La Paz.

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