Elevation (feet): 8,901
Elevation (meters): 2,713
Continent: Europe
Country: Germany
Range/Region: Kitzbuhel
Latitude: 47.55
Longitude: 12.9167
Difficulty: Scramble
Best months for climbing: Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1799 or 1800
Nearest major airport: Munich, Salzburg

Thanks to Luidger Röckrath for adding this peak.

The most famous peak in the Berchtesgaden Alps. The view from north with the several peaks of the big and small Watzmann is very impressive.

The secondary peak - called Hocheck (2651 m) - can be easily reached from the Watzmannhaus.

At the Hocheck the narrow ridge begins which leads to the two main peaks - Mittelspitze (2713 m) and Suedspitze (2712 m). The traverse of the ridge is secured with cables, but nevertheless not easy. Parts of the route are very exposed, the rock is very polished by the hordes of Watzmann climbers. The traverse should only be undertaken in stable good weather. From the South Peak, the usual descent goes to the Wimbachgries.

Also famous is the east face overlooking the Koenigssee, a very long climb of moderate difficulty (UIAA II-III).

Trip Reports

NOTE: Trip reports were previously called "Summit Logs" - same feature, new name

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  • Log #21500 - by Alexander Haupt on Oct 29, 2008
    Solo ascent from Watzmannhaus via Hocheck and N-ridge (via ferrata). Bad weather and winter conditions. Luckily the fixed ropes were still accessible. Still, helmet, harness, via ferrata set,...
  • Log #11597 - by Matthew Blazewicz on Sep 11, 2004
    I summitted this mountain with a friend of mine--neither of us had climbed in the alps before. We got beta from locals, and decided to do the east face via berchtesgarderner weg. It was very exposed,...
  • Log #11598 - by Arjan Rijkenberg on July 19, 2004
    Ascended upto the "Mittelspitze" of the Watzmann via Hochecke. Our group (a.o. Michiel vd Meer, Dick ter Steege, and Werner Humbs) stayed for two nights in the Watzmannhaus. The way up to...
  • Log #11599 - by Kuba Turek on May 22, 2003
    Big peak for skiers! Königssee - Küroint - Watzmannkar - Watzmannhaus (Night) - Hocheck (Skidepot) - Watzmann - Hocheck - Ramsau (skidescend).
  • Log #11600 - by Joch on Feb 05, 2003
    The Watzmann is one of the best and most fascinating mountains I know. Each year I climb it, and it is always stunning. Once, we left the Watzmannhaus at 4.30 a.m., so it was dark and cold, when we...
  • Log #11601 - by Thomas Permanseder on Apr 25, 2002
    We did the traverse two times (26. june 98 - Anja and me - and 6. august 99 - Anja, Jürgen, Andi and me). We walked up the Hocheck.
  • Log #11602 - by Tobias Göring on Oct 29, 2001
    Watzmann east face via "Berchtesgadener Weg" on a beautiful day in October with my friend Ulf Wilke. Never thought we could be that fast! (6h 15min from Bartholomé)
  • Log #11603 - by Michiel van der Meer on Oct 29, 2001
    We had a very good time on the mountain. We stayed in the Watzmannhaus for two nights. The view from the top is fantastic. (see the pictures on my home page)
  • Log #11604 - by Tobias Göring on July 09, 2001
    Summitted Watzmann by "Salzburger Weg", east face The difficult climbing took a long time for us, so we had to stay in the wall for one nigth. Faszinating!
  • Log #11605 - by Martin Kleinebrecht on Aug 08, 2000
    A long but easy and non-risky 10 hours walk from the valley to the Southern Peak and back. Weather uphill was perfect, downhill we had lots of fog and rain. However, a great day! Afterwards Braten...
  • Log #11607 - by Bill Buntrock on May 17, 2000
    Wonderful.......Fixed cables were a great help. In the clouds most of the day.......
  • Log #11608 - by Luidegr Roeckrath on Sep 20, 1999
    Started early (6 am) before the masses at Watzmannhaus. Took about 4 h to get to the Southern Peak (Südspitze). Perfect view from Karwendel to the Tauern. Marvelous summit day.