Cotopaxi Trip Report (#1369)

  • Signed By: robert krenn
  • Date submitted: July 28, 2004
  • Date(s) climbed: 27.07.2004

in extreme conditions. snowing and gailforce winds. together with my guide we where the only one to summit on this day. arr there at 06:10hrs, departed from the refugio at 01:15hrs. due to the weather conditins, the route was not clear, got lost in the first part of the climb, but managed to find the ascend route later on. at one part it was next to impossible to walk upright, crawled on all four. at the summit, the force of the wind was so feerce that we could only stay for a couple of minutes. as i wanted to take a photogragh, but my camera froze over. collected lots of ice on our ice-axe and all other gear of metal. all our cloth was frozen over and my wollencap had a crust of snow and ice above it. cotopaxi is a beautyfl mtn, just to bad that the weather so harsh that it was impossible to enjoy it in its full beauty.

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