Cotopaxi Trip Report (#1383)

  • Signed By: S. Peres
  • Date submitted: December 11, 2003

I used to work in Quito as a Sus-chef. One of my good friends Jaime a restaurant owner invited me to try to climb this volcano. We were droped near a lake named Mulalo, from there was only us. After some hours of walking we reached what was at some point a building named Jose F Rivas. There I developed SOROCHE or altitude sickness. Jaime gave me Puntas or a kind of hard liquor that made me come back to life. It was very cold and not too much snow and very dusty for the first miles untill we reach a place called Indio Dormido.

We reach the top next day morning. It was just too cold for a cook.

Bring tons of aspirin and a good bottle of water and PUNTAS...

Then bring your apetite to a town named Machachi.

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