Cotopaxi Trip Report (#1397)

My son Sean and I summited along with Annica Ekman and our two guides Rene Flores and Maurisimo from Safari. We spent about 10 days acclimitizing by first doing a couple of 10-12 mile hikes at 2800-3300 meters followed by climbing Pasachoa, Corazon and Iliniza norte.

We slept at the Cotopaxi hut the night of June 27th. We started our summit climb at about 2AM on the 28th and reached the summit in 7 hours. We were slow going but steady. The mountain was not technical except for the small amount of ice climbing we had to do to get onto the glacier. However, we felt the mountain was very physically demanding. Basically, there are no switchbacks so the 1100 meter climb from the hut is straight up. We were very tired when we got back down.

It was an excellent experience especially climbing Cotopaxi with my son. Annica was an excellent compadre. This was our highest peak to date.

Rene and Maurisimo were excellent guides and we're very happy to now call them friends.

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