Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak Trip Report (#11720)

This climb was special for me, not only because it was my first 14'er, but also because it was my 30th birthday. I started up the trail at about 6:20am. After raining the night before, I saw that there were still some clouds hanging around that I figured would burn off once the sun was up. I was wrong -- they solidified and obscured my view of the surrounding mountains for most of the hike up. The hike itself wasn't too bad, especially considering I only gave myself two days to acclimatize. I was passed by about 6 other people, and about half way up the winds picked up and it began snowing pretty heavily. Still, I pushed forward until finally reaching the summit at 10:40am where I found some of the other hikers who passed me on the way up. They began their descent while I sat down and ate some lunch. Then I was greeted by two black labs and a smaller dog (a boxer, maybe?), who in turn were followed by the dog owners (three of them). Nobody knew who the smaller dog belonged to, but he was happy to be up there, and wouldn't leave me along until I gave him the rest of my sandwich. At the time, there was still no view to be seen, so the other three hikers began their descent while I stayed to finish my lunch. Within a few minutes, the clouds began to break just enough to see the mountain vistas. The views with the clouds looming over the peaks was absolutely spectacular! Check out the pictures at http://quandary.quantumvista.com. At noon I started down the mountainside and took in the views, which by now were abundant. All in all, it was a great climb and I'm thrilled to have done it.

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