Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak Trip Report (#11740)

My buddies and I flew in from the east coast the day before for a sales meeting in Boulder and decided to do some hiking at altitude. Unfortunately we didn't have alot of time to acclimatize so we drove up to Loveland Pass and did a short shakedown hike to get a feel for the altitude and a view. After that success, we drove over to Hoosier Pass and started up Quandry. The three of us started up around 3:30 to see how far we could get and ran into a few folks coming back down. We also passed a few on the way up. My two buddies made the summit about ten minutes (6:15ish) before me as I hit the altitude wall at about 13,500'The views from the top are spectacular! This was my first 14er and I hope to do more next year when I get back to CO. Although we brought headlamps for the descent we ended up not needing them and got back down around 7:45pm with a pretty good pounder of a headache. This let up after getting below 10K and rehydrating on the drive back. We'll probably do Grays or Torreys (or both) next year, but with more aclimitization first!

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