Quandary Peak

Quandary Peak Trip Report (#11744)

Parked on the Blue Lakes Road at the snow closure about a half-a-mile in. Headed out on snowshoes to the dam at the base of the Cristo Couloir. We started up the couloir at about 6:30 AM. The couloir is a pretty constant 40-45 degrees for the majority of it's length, but a little gentler at the bottom. The lower half of the couloir on this day was perfect for crampons, with a nice solid crust that held up. We didn't feel a need to rope up, although we brought along a 50 meter length just in case. The upper half of the couloir had a thin crust that broke thorugh, which made for a lot longer and tiring work for the day. We alternated breaking trail until we reached the top (actually, we decided to traverse and gain the East Ridge about a tenth of a mile east of the summit and had an easy stroll to finish it up). We finished the loop by snowshoeing down the East Ridge route where we met numerous skiers on their way up. All in all, a tiring but rewarding day in attempting a more challenging route up Quandary.

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