Tabeguache Peak

Tabeguache Peak Trip Report (#11792)

Our group left high camp at 2am equiped with flashlights, warm clothes, and a day pack of food and water. The blinding darkness was our greatest allie. For if we had seen the trechereous climb ahead we would have never left our tent. Of the twenty-four planning to summit, twenty one of us had never done this before. We wholeheartedly placed our trust in our three guides. Each step we took was revealed by only a fraction of light and every muscle was as suprised as the next. We had a wonderful climb and summited at 6:30 (only 4 1/2 hours- a new record for the company). Just as we arrived the sun began to fully break and it was a wonderful sight to see. Mountains surrounded us in every direction and I for that moment I was removed from the worries and responsibilities I had come up with. If you have the opportunity, go experience the victory of summiting Mt Tabeguache.

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