Mount Princeton

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Mt. Princeton is one of the more dominant fourteeners in the Sawatch Range, and is in the Collegiate Peaks group. The standard route starts at 8,900 feet for two-wheel-drives at the Frontier Ranch, but four-wheel-drivers can start at a group of radio towers at 10,900 feet.

Elevation (feet): 14,197
Elevation (meters): 4,327
Continent: North America
Country: United States
Range/Region: Sawatch Range
State: Colorado
Latitude: 38.7494
Longitude: -106.242
Difficulty: Walk up
Best months for climbing: Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Year first climbed: 1877
First successful climber(s): William Libbey Jr.
Nearest major airport: Denver
Convenient Center: Buena Vista

Thanks to Kirk Mallory for adding this peak.

Trip Reports

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  • Log #20386 - by Patrick L. Lilly on Sep 27, 2006
    My second climb of Princeton. Accompanied my granddaughter, Amber, on her fifth 14er. A clear, sunny morning gave way to intermittent snow flurries at midday. We took the standard peakbaggers' route...
  • Log #18842 - by Dan & Rob on Oct 30, 2005
    We started the ascent at 4:15 am from 11,030' just past the radio towers. Climbing very quickly(perhaps too quickly), we knocked off the first half of the climb in 1 hour. In the pitch black under...
  • Log #11808 - by Michael Toland on Sep 08, 2004
    We started at the radio towers at about 0840am ( about 11,000ft), approx. 6.5 miles from here, round trip. There are a couple of more spots to park a little higher up if your vehicle can handle the...
  • Log #11809 - by Tommy Winder on Aug 09, 2004
    I was on the summit with John Goodell and other friends from Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas when the lighting stike hit and hurt a man. I remember climbing the mountain with my...
  • Log #11810 - by John Goodell on Aug 08, 2004
    We found the rainy season of Colorado to be especially dangerous, with rain storms quickly turning to thunderstorms. One hiker was struck by lightening on this day, but thankfully survived. If you do...
  • Log #11811 - by Deborah Fronsdahl on July 20, 2004
    Planned this for a year to be atop the mountain when the Balloona Vista took to the sky. But high winds cancelled the balloons for this day. So we watched them launch from the ground the following...
  • Log #11812 - by Liba Hardekopf on May 24, 2004
    Beautiful hike. Still plenty of snow in mid May. I drove up to radio towers, and hiked up with my 10 year old son Michael and 3 year old dog Duchess. I had to rope Michael to myself since he kept...
  • Log #11813 - by Jerry Fultz on Apr 02, 2004
    Thoroughly enjoyed this classic summertime climb. Parked at the radio towers and enjoyed a lesiurely hike to the summit. The views of Antero to the South and the numerous Collegiate Peaks to the...
  • Log #11814 - by Phil Smith on Mar 21, 2004
    This was my first 14,000 footer, and I was 16 years old and from the flatlands. What an amazing experience. I will never forget the view from the top. And I'll never forget how tasty my lunch was --...
  • Log #11815 - by Jesse Riley on Mar 17, 2004
    What a climb, took some absolutely awesome pictures, so nice that day ~80 degrees, blue skys, couldn't ask for more. My favorite picture is the URL above -- looking down from the summit.
  • Log #11816 - by Frank Konsella on Mar 06, 2004
    My first and still only winter fourteener according to the calendar. All things considered, it was tropical for jan in Colo. I remember driving back through gunnison at 4 pm and the temp was still in...
  • Log #11817 - by Greg Butler on Oct 01, 2003
    Parked just beyond the antennae the night before and made it to the summit by 10:30 which gave me about an hours worth of descent before the thunder and lightning started. A couple of the...
  • Log #11818 - by John Macaulay on Sep 11, 2003
    Most of the comments in this log are accurate. The climb is not simple due to the rocks and slope. But the views are spectacular and I got some great pictures until it started to cloud up about noon....
  • Log #11819 - by Bob McLendon on Sep 04, 2003
    Pretty tough climb for a 61 year old but I made it. We took ATV's on the 4-wheel drive road to the trailhead near the timberline. About a 3 hour climb from there. Lots of boulders to traverse.
  • Log #11820 - by tom rothwell on Aug 28, 2003
    the most beautiful of days to attempt first mountain climb. drove up a road with a guide (friend) who'd climbed this peak several times. drove as high as we could, and climbed the last 3500' or so to...
  • Log #11821 - by Mateo on Aug 23, 2003
    I picked Princeton because Roach's description makes it sound like a piece of cake, doable in 4 hours RT or so. I now agree with some other posts that difficulty is subjective. Took me 5 hours RT,...
  • Log #11822 - by Clifton and Erin Jackson on Aug 16, 2003
    Beautiful blue sky day (not too common this summer)! We hiked from the trailhead parking lot at 8900', leaving at 0605 and arriving at the top at about 1050. Left the dirt road for the trail at about...
  • Log #11823 - by Mark Wefler on July 23, 2003
    My wife, Suzanne, and I both made it to the top at 11:00am after a 7:00am start from the radio towers. This was our second fourteener ever and second in less than a week. Quandary Peak was our first...
  • Log #11824 - by Patrick L. Lilly on June 30, 2003
    A calm, sunny day (at least the morning). Reached the summit, with my daughter, at approx. 11:30 am, after going over Trigger Peak (13,280'). A beautiful, but hard, climb.
  • Log #11825 - by Dr. Greg Brown on May 16, 2003
    My father and I started at the Young Life Camp, Frontier, early in the morning. We took the jeep road to the trail. My father stopped on the saddle and I went on solo to the peak. It was incredible.
  • Log #11826 - by Nick Krause on Apr 01, 2003
    I almost got struck by lightning. It was static electricity. I am only 13 too. So I have a long life to live.
  • Log #11827 - by Brent Eigsti on Mar 25, 2003
    In 2002 my dad and some friends were climbing it, when a storm came over the mountain. You could just hear the static electricity on my ball cap. So we made it up and we learned something, don`t go...
  • Log #11828 - by Larry on Mar 07, 2003
    This was my 8th Colorado 14er and the hardest one yet. It was much more difficult than expected. It didn't sound too bad from Roach's description, but difficulty is subjective and what is hard for...
  • Log #11829 - by Mike Moerk on Oct 20, 2002
    My first 14er! Started from the radio towers at about 10pm Friday. A near-full moon made for great night hiking. Hiked up the road and onto the trail. Just after the trail starts, it takes you to a...
  • Log #11830 - by Darvon K Henry on June 05, 2002
    First time - Hiked it w/ Laura and Eileen. Eileen got very sick. Foggy and snow at top. Got off the trail and had a tough time getting down through the fog.
  • Log #11831 - by Michelle Bailey on Jan 02, 2002
    This was my first hike ever, done with a good friend, Mike. It was such a great experience because I felt so defeated just looking at it because I had never done something like this and never thought...
  • Log #11832 - by Jeffrey Herbert on Dec 14, 2001
    Great Mountain to climb during the fall. Lots of great scenery.
  • Log #11833 - by Andy Lindgren on Oct 26, 2001
    This was my first fourteener out of two. I am only fourteen. This is a great mountain. The climb is somewhat difficult.
  • Log #11834 - by Lisa on Sep 06, 2001
    Mt. Princeton was my first 14er and it was exhilerating. Not to mention the great kiss I received at the summit. Good luck and happy climbing.
  • Log #11835 - by Tom & Becky Bird on Sep 05, 2001
    Due to weather threat scrapped plands to climb up from the more challenging Grouse Canyon and did the standard hike from the radio towers. Parked just above the towers and hiked up the Mt. Princeton...
  • Log #11836 - by Rachel Schmid on June 29, 2001
    Even though it's a hard hike, keep going all the way to the top because it pays off!!! Have faith in the Lord and you can make it up! =)
  • Log #11838 - by Jason Halladay on Mar 21, 2001
    We hiked Mt. Princeton from the Frontier Ranch trailhead (8,900 ft) starting at 5:45 a.m. on Mar. 16, 2001.
  • Log #11839 - by Tim Callaway on Jan 16, 2001
    Summited with Scott Kelley, Alex Meford, and Richard Côté. started at the radio tower. road was too easy. trail until near summit was more difficult in that you must watch your footing.
  • Log #11840 - by matt kirk on Nov 03, 2000
    Greetings 14er climbers and enthusiasts. I just wanted to let everyone know that there should be a 14ers forum coming soon at If you have the time, please come by and...
  • Log #11841 - by Michael Jake on Aug 28, 2000
    Took Mt. Princeton Road to its highpoint and then hiked the Southeast ridge all the way to the summit then decended via the trail. There is a faint trail up the SE ridge but easy to get off trail -...
  • Log #11843 - by Nathan Murra on June 16, 2000
    Excellent hike. Spectacular views from the summit. Hitting the nearby hot springs afterward is a must.
  • Log #11844 - by Charlie Vogel on June 10, 2000
    Pretty easy peak. Careful on the south ridge summit push, rocks are kinda loose. A lot of little trails on ridge, but they all fizzle out, just take path of least resistance along ridgeline. Look for...
  • Log #11845 - by Kirk Mallory on Sep 24, 1999
    A beautiful and clear day for an ascent of my 32nd Colorado fourteener. A long hike from the Frontier Ranch up the road. I could see three forest fires from the summit.